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Data Centre Networking

When you partner with Enterprise Unify we understand the importance of adding workloads to the right places, so you get optimal performance and automatic scalability exactly when you need it and ultimately the ability to consume your core business services on demand. Backup and store your valuable information.

Do not put your business at risk by failing to save and store important information on end user devices. Cloud Back-up makes it easy for you to choose what to back up and how long to keep it. Data is encrypted for extra security, and you can predict your costs by buying storage at a fixed rate.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications is a term that describes the unification of all forms of collaboration and multimedia communications that can be controlled by an end user for both social and business purposes. This includes the integration of fixed and mobile voice, Voice over IP, unified messaging (UM), e-mail, chat, video, Web and audio conferencing, call centre applications, presence and many other communication tools.

Video conferencing system technology based on industry standards is an ideal way for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and divisions within enterprises to collaborate using rich media tools.

Hybrid WAN

By leveraging circuits that otherwise may have been on standby, allows you to get more capacity out of your WAN with lower costs. Hybrid WAN also allows you to use direct internet access for employees to access the public cloud with better performance and off-load the guest user’s connections directly.

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Network Management

Many organisations are looking for ways to reduce operating and capital expenditure on technology and services. We help you shape and manage your network to achieve the benefit of the digital experience so you can focus on strategic business initiatives.

By providing you with our expertise, you can achieve an infrastructure that allows you to support software-defined networking and network function virtualisation. This enables you to deploy new applications and services with on-demand access to technical expertise.

Internet of Things(IoT)

Sensors via Wired or Wireless, PLC, RFID, Industrial network Increased mobility is dramatically transforming your IT infrastructure. More data traffic and bandwidth-hungry applications cause serious capacity constraints, increased management, and security complexity. Our wired and wireless solution helps you address these challenges.

We provide you with a complete, integrated solution that aligns with the latest technology innovations and services. We also help you redefine your unified access so you can deliver an improved user experience and optimised operational efficiency.

Cyber Security

When you turn to Enterprise Unify Managed Security Services, you gain access to a proven MSSP, combining best in-class people, processes and technology, to deliver fast breach detection and remediation, and when you need support for compliance efforts, our experts can help define, manage and validate your policies and other compliance goal.

Our Managed Security unit Provides clients with a Central Control Centre to manage their information security with a 24/7 proactive monitoring service.

Managed security services Management and operation of your security infrastructure to shield and protect your data and application no matter where they reside.

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